Sunday, August 16, 2009

About The Muslimah Review

The number of Islamic businesses online are too many to list. Some are easy to find, and some aren't. Where I live there isn't much to offer to the Muslim community so I do a lot of online shopping. Unfortunately a lot of these businesses have not been a pleasure to work with, faulty clothing, poor service, or straight up scammers flood Islamic businesses...

So... come across a site with some hijabs or abayas you're just dying to buy? Do they look kind of sketchy? Are you contacting them and no one is getting back to you? Let's discuss it here, at The Mulimah Review!

This site is not intended to bash businesses or defer them from receiving customers, but just a place where us as buyers can discuss our experiences with certain businesses inshaa Allah.

Each entry will feature a specific company which we can discuss. If you would like a post to be done on a specific place, please email themuslimahreview at gmail dot com and I will get on it as soon as possible. I have ordered from a fair share of places, but of course there are a whole bunch I haven't ordered from, so inshaa Allah we will leave those reviews up to some of the readers. Please don't discuss another business under a different one. We want all the information within 1 entry to make it easy for out sisters to see all points of view without having to jump around the site.

This isn't just meant from clothing sites, but any Islamic site inshaa Allah, Hopefully this can be used to the businesses benefits as well for them to learn about what they should improve on! And for anyone looking into starting a business they know what to steer clear of Inshaa Allah.

Peace & Love
The Muslimah Review